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This story begins with a small artisan tailoring shop in the very heart of the city of Padua. This is how Paola Prata started. Our artisans put beauty and elegance in their work, and our first purpose was to satisfy the Venetian society quest for luxury and quality in the apparel market. Today we are proud of our single-brand boutiques settled in Italy and abroad.

Paola Prata earned a thirty year experience creating and innovating its unique apparel, which is a landmark for every woman who loves to dress up or down her personal style, to keep herself up-to-date with trends, and to care about high quality materials. The mood of our Collections inspires modern and dynamic women who love high quality and details, which are part of PaolaPrata unique branded style.



The purposes and principles of our research didn't change throughout the years.
Keeping the focus on yarns and fabrics is a must for PaolaPrata.


Caring for details and crafting are the key for our brand.


OUR COUNTRY – Made in Italy

Materials and accessories that we feature in our garments are Made in Italy and meet the highest quality goals.